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Glance of all exciting features we are working on, your feedback is much appreciated!

We have quite few new features which are under development.

1. Editing on the diagram

Allow user to edit messages/participants/interactions on the diagram directly and reflect to the code.

2. Color schemes

Beautifully designed color schemes for messages and participants, etc.

3. Support more charting tools(Confluence plugin only)

Support more charting tools such as tldraw and excalidraw

4. Presets

Enable presets to support different set of icons and shapes, allow users to use same ZenUML language to create interaction diagrams in other area, such as BPM diagrams.

5. Customized icons/keywords

Allow customization of icons or keywords for enhanced alignment with your unique enterprise contexts.

6. AI Capability: Img2Diagram

Transform your uneditable diagrams(photo, handsketch, or legacy jpegs without original vsdx files) into our diagram formats, as code.

7. AI Capability: Chat2Diagram

AI integration: use chats or nature language to create diagrams, as code.

Help us prioritize!

Provide your feedback, so we can prioritize your favorite: Survey on 2 minutes