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Create diagrams faster and better

ZenUML is a multi-platform diagram-as-code solution for sequence diagrams, flow chart* and more


On-the-fly rendering and interactive approach

ZenUML renders the diagram in the browser with no overhead of server-sider interaction. The diagram is rendered in a near-real-time fashion. Your thought process is not interrupted by inefficient drag-and-drop or a slow loading animation.

The generated diagram is not just a static image. Users can interact with the diagram. For example, highlighting messages on the diagram will automatically select corresponding code in the editor in editing mode. This enables quick navigation in long and complex diagrams.

On-the-fly rendering and interactive approach

Privacy and Security is in our DNA​

ZenUML was born from a Finance project and is widely used in Bank, FinTech, Telecom, and Retail companies. From day one, we built ZenUML in a way that no data is sent to our server for rendering including image-export. No personal data is stored, transmitted, or otherwise processed by ZenUML’s server.

Privacy and Security is in our DNA​

Standard Compliance And Rich Extension

We have built-in our 20 years of experience in software development and architecture into ZenUML. The produced diagram is automatically standard compliant with OMG UML(R) 2.5.1.

We have also added meaningful extensions (such as Cloud Icons) to make the diagram more readable.

Standard Compliance And Rich Extension
Professional Support
ZenUML is supported by a high-performance team located in Australia. We provide support for installation, training, and failures. Most of the tickets are resolved within 8 hours and the first response SLA is 24 hours. Visit Help Center
Proven solution
ZenUML has been tested from start-ups to Global 500 across companies from FinTech, eCommerce, Health care, Supply chain management, and Digital Security. It can be used to describe processes at almost any level of complexity.
ZenUML can be used via Confluence (Cloud, Server, and Data Center), a Web App or browser extension, IDE addon, or Desktop. You can also choose to integrate into your own platforms with the free library.
Concise DSL
ZenUML uses a (much) less verbose DSL. Compared with PlantUML you need 2 to 3 times less lines to draw the same diagram. That makes the diagram’s metadata more readable and maintainable.
Content discoverability
Content discoverability is essential in organizations. Unlike most other diagramming tools, ZenUML does not generate an image, it renders the diagram as a plain HTML.
More Than Sequence Diagram
On Confluence Cloud you can use the ZenUML plugin to draw flow diagrams and other UML diagrams. This functionality is going to be ported to Confluence Server and Data Center soon.

Trust By Global Clients

ZenUML is known to be used at Amazon, ThoughtWorks, Suncor, and many other companies at different sizes. Its Confluence plugin is used by more than 1000 organizations.
ZenUML has the most intuitive DSL among all the diagram-as-code tools for sequence diagrams. It helps me clear the logic in a system. Nice work!IconQuote
Kushagra Mehra
Senior Service Architect, National Australia Bank
ZenUML has the most intuitive DSL among all the diagram-as-code tools for sequence diagrams. It helps me clear the logic in a system. Nice work!IconQuote
Jeff Xiong
Office Principle, ThoughtWorks
We migrated to ZenUML from another tool recently. The support team helped us to convert all our diagrams. Amazing support!IconQuote
Lillian Kithikii
Senior BA, LitheKongsulting

About ZenUML

ZenUML is a family of diagramming tools operated by P&D Vision Pty Ltd. It works on Atlassian Confluence, any modern browser, JetBrains Intellij IDE. It is featured as a leading diagram-as-code solution for sequence diagrams. Extra capabilities are provided on different platforms.
* Not all diagrams are available on all platforms.